The majority of students have completed their work and will bring it home soon. Please take a moment to discuss the work with your child. It is important that the work is valued beyond the aesthetic. Through this work, your child has demonstrated commitment, perseverance and patience over a number of weeks. Ask your child to explain the entire process to you. From the moment, he/she first began to notice the shape of the negative space within a simple houseplant, to creating his/her own view finder to zoom in on one area. To the moment he/she was required to use skills from mathematics to ‘grid up’ and enlarge the image. It is likely that your child will find greatest enthusiasm in discussing his/her use of the color wheel with you. Ask him/her about the warm versus cool colors. Students have observed that the warmer colors create an impression of coming forward, whereas cooler ones tend to stand back, therefore giving a sense of depth and space. Ask “what special effect do the cooler colors have, against the warmer ones?” Ask him/her, how long did it take? How did you blend the analogous colors? How did you know where to place the cooler colors (complementary and contrasting colors) Ask him/her to evaluate “Are you pleased with your work? Why? What is good about it? What did not work so well?” Ask your child about challenges met, and the solutions he/she found. Remind him/her of the outdoor learning experience in the forest, when he/she identified lines, shapes and spaces in the trees, and ask, what is the connection with this final work?” Have your child take pride in his/her work. Take a photo and send it to Grandparents. Place it in a prominent place in your home. And throughout the summer, provide your child continued exposure to the arts and creativity. Expose him/her to the work of others through galleries and museums. Connection is the key. We are now ready and excited for Fifth Grade. Enjoy your summer with family and friends, and safe travels to all.