Summer Begins!

The Ambassadors finished the year strong, with a Day Without Food Fundraiser/Awareness Event. Students found sponsors to support them as they gave up food for one day, so they could better understand what it is like for a child in Africa. The student reflections shared the depth of their understanding on the issue of hunger. The one day event raised over $4000 for Ambassadors and will be used for our summer support in Zambia, Zimbabwe and Botswana, including  supplementing rice for the children through our food program in Kamatanda. You can read reflections from Zara Akhbari at the end of this post.


The new executive team has lots of creative ideas to get our message out through social media including Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Global Website, and our Youtube Channel.  They have just redone our bulletin board to showcase our most recent work.


Ambassadors have been planning a Lose to Win campaign in the fall for Emmanuel Jal’s charity Gua Africa which provides education for former child soldiers. Two Ambassadors, Paul Gassner and Zara Akhbari have already begun the challenge to test it out.  During the Service Unites Conference last week in Seattle, Miss Francy met with Emmanuel who is eager to work with Ambassadors. They discussed a new school build project in Ethiopia on the border of South Sudan. Emmanuel had this message for Ambassadors:

This week, Miss Francy will travel to the Africa to work with the communities we serve. She will help build teacher housing (which was sponsored by our Moscow Starbucks franchises) and meet with tribal chiefs and community members to generate project ideas and discuss areas of concern for our next awareness event. She will also be meeting our shipment of computers through our partnership with Computers 4 Africa and traveling to a new village in need of a maternity ward. You can stay updated on our community FB page

As you begin your summer adventures, remember to be an Ambassador every day of your life, in every corner of the world. Take a moment on your journey to say a kind word, share a smile, or find a way to make a difference! Have a relaxing summer!


Here are reflections from Ambassador Zara Akhbari:

“Not having food today was a challenging experience. I think it was because I was so focused on the idea that I would not be able to eat for the whole day that my hunger was more psychological rather than physical. Moreover, I believe that knowing I would not be able to eat created a completely different experience in contrast to not eating subconsciously. There are days where I am not as hungry and therefore do not have breakfast, but today, even though I was not necessarily hungry, my inner thoughts were preoccupied with the idea of eating. It was like my body had an “alarm clock” reminding me that this is usually the time when I eat, yet I had not consumed any food. Also, not having food today made me come to the realization that my mood is more enlivened when I have had something to eat. This demonstrated how my mood is easily dependable on the food that I consume. After around lunch, I felt as though my energy was beginning to depreciate relatively quickly and it became challenging for me to concentrate. My mind was so fixated on eating something that it began to make me tired. Today provided me with a different outlook on food than I was aware of. I understand that going one day without food is simply incomparable to how long children in Africa endure, yet this experience has furthered my understanding and provided me with a perspective that I had not been familiar with. I find it appalling that “more than 795 million people in the world do not have food” and would do anything to help mend this global issue. Before traveling to Africa and seeing the children I had only heard stories about the place. As the Ambassador family handed out hotdogs to the children that stood patiently in line, my heart broke as it occurred to me that these children are not promised food, a vital necessity and human entitlement, everyday. I have learned that the benevolent and energetic children are psychologically stronger than I am and I aspire to be as cheerful as they are. I cannot wait to go back and visit the children <3″

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