Ambassadors Update

The New Year is starting off busy for Ambassadors!

In December, two of our volunteer teachers in Kamatanda welcomed a baby girl.  While we have long wanted to provide decent housing for our teachers, the new baby increased the urgency as the current mud stick structures allow holes for snakes and rats to enter. With the heavy rains, the walls of the houses melt away and must be repacked.  The Starbucks organization in Moscow has agreed to help us with this project. During the month of February, you can stop by any Moscow Starbucks and purchase a hot chocolate to support teacher housing in Zambia. Every cup counts!

Teacher Caroline and Baby Francy

The February Starbucks Hot Chocolate Campaign.










To add to the fun, we  are asking everyone who supports this campaign to post a selfie from Starbucks with their hot chocolate.  You can post them to the Ambassadors Community Facebook Page. Don’t forget to add the hashtag #StarbucksForZambia A few of our Ambassadors have already stopped by for a cup.

Ambassaodors Ciara and Jacob enjoying their hot chololate!

Alma and Emily stop by for a creamey cup of cooca!

We wired the money to the clinic for Francis to get his hearing aids.  We will transfer money to his father this week to pay the bus fare to the capital city where the hearing aids will be fitted to Francis’ ears. His hearing will not be restored without cochlear implants, but the hearing aids should help increase loud noises for his safety.

The new crop of maize has been planted for our food program and last week, we broke ground on our new library in Kamatanda, Zambia.  This week, the students from YCTC are busy laying our foundation.  In Pandamatenga, Botswana, the foundation for the entire school is complete and farmers are working on getting the materials from South Africa to build our first classroom.

Last Friday, we hosted Open Art Theater with their performance of “Cinderella”. Open Art Theater is a program of ARC, which strives to give young adults with Down’s Syndrome the opportunity to perform. Ambassador volunteers work with these aspiring performers on Saturdays and were happy to host them on Friday. Through ticket sales and concessions, we raised  over $1000 for this great organization. The ES Ambassadors helped us to promote this event and were our greeters at the door, handing out programs and smiles.

Cinderella actors

Ambassadors have been busy planning activities for our Environmental Awareness event in Botswana.  They also took part in ICC’s Pay It Forward Campaign.  If you were the recipient of a random act of kindness, please place your card in the box located in the hall of flags so we can see how far our circle of kindness has grown!

Coming soon: Ambassadors will be sharing the love this Valentine’s Day so look for our shirts in the hall of flags where we will be passing out Hershey’s Kisses.

Sharing the love this Valentine’s Day!

Our next update will come next month after we travel to Africa,so you can look forward to some photos of our journey.

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