Happy Holidays from the AAS Ambassadors!

The AAS Ambassadors wish you and your family a wonderful holiday season!  We hope that whether your break takes you on travels to distant lands or keeps you here in the holiday lights of Moscow, you find some small way to make a difference in the lives of others.

Today, our President Maria Fomina, made a donation of over $1000 to help pay for Eileen Munsaka’s school fees.  She raised this money by asking her family and friends to skip giving her presents this year and instead donate funds to something she is so passionate about.  As advisors, we try to inspire our students, but we find it is often them who inspire us.  Such a selfless act by someone who already gives so much to this organization is incredibly moving.


If you would like to contribute in this season of giving, here are three great ways that you can help Ambassadors contribute to some amazing individuals. Click on the blue donate links below to make a donation that will immediately impact someone’s life.  All donations are tax deductible through our Friends of AAS 501C3 Account #133947443.

Hearing aids for Francis who is completely deaf in one ear and 80% deaf in the other. He needs cochlear implants at a cost of $24,000 but we are trying to get him hearing aids ($1500) to help until we can reach  our long term goal.



Boarding school fees for Eileen Munsaka whose father  Mr. Gathered was tragically killed walking home from school (she has 3 years of boarding school left – $1500 per year)



Teacher training for our volunteer teachers at the AAS Ambassadors Learning Center in Kamatanda, Zambia.  These teachers are all orphans from the village and work for free surviving on parent donations of about $15 a month to buy food and soap. With the help of the elementary school, we were able to pay for their first year of teacher training, but they still need the final year’s tuition which starts in January. Cost $1500 per teacher (there are 6 teachers total). DONATE TO OUR VOLUNTEER TEACHERS

You do not have to donate money to make a difference.  Share a smile with a stranger, offer to carry a bag, switch your plane seat so a family can sit together, donate your old coats to help others fight the cold: EVERY SMALL ACT OF KINDNESS MATTERS!

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