February Update

As February comes to a close, the Ambassadors are busy finalizing plans for their Service Trip to Africa next month.   This trip is different from the discovery Week trips taking place at the same time, because the students in Ambassadors actively plan and prepare for the activities throughout the year in order to enhance the communities they serve.

As we put the final activities in place for the Alcohol Awareness and Wellness Campaign with Project Humanity, Mr. Schnell has been actively involved with the Ambassadors, giving input and suggestions for the fitness activities we are planning in the village.  Ms. Schaub has also been a great resource to us by ensuring that our activities provide valuable learning experiences for the community (as well as our Ambassadors).

Mr. Sexton continues to support the student learning process by allowing the Ambassadors to journey to Africa each year in order to serve others and see the culmination of their fundraising efforts.  It is a great feeling to know that you have helped others, inspired hope, and aided a community in need of development.  But all of the projects take on a new meaning when you actually meet the people you are helping and understand the struggles they face everyday. One of our scheduled activities, “Walk A Mile in their Shoes”  will allow the Ambassadors to take the 8km journey to school with the village children. Mr. Doyle has previously joined us on this walk and Mr. Zurfluh will accompany us this year.

We received some great news today from Zambia, the student builders have finished the walls on our new school block in Kamatanda and begun installing the roof.

Expedia (9) IMG-20160209-WA0001

The Ambassadors finalized names for the new school block and classrooms today and
are designing a flag to hang in front of the school.

One of our AAS Alumni, Floriane Charles, has launched her new Ambassadors program at Concordia University and sent us their new logo. We are excited that the Ambassadors program  has expanded in passion and scope. This is part of their mission statement, “Concordia Ambassadors strives to make the world a  better place through sustainable global projects.  People around the world do not have the opportunities afforded to Concordia students, such as our great education, and thus it is our duty to provide them with these opportunities. This is where our values begin.  We will make sustainable changes in the world that will better the lives of hundreds or even thousands of people.”


The ES StuCo continues to raise funds for teacher training for the enw school through their Friday Market sales and the Eco Club is fundraising for the Solar Pump needed for a community garden project in Pandamatenga. The girl scouts are making friendship bracelets along with Rachel Daskova who has started making bracelets as part of a CAS project.  We know the children in the villages will be thrilled to have them.

We still have plenty of copies of our “Zest for Zambia” International cookbook for sale in room 3105.  All proceeds go to support our work in Zambia.  This afternoon, Mr. Zurfluh will kick off his Director’s Challenge campaign, which was launched at our Global Evening in December.  Please see the link below for his post. As always, we thank the entire AAS Community for their support.

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