Ambassador Update October 2015

The AAS Ambassadors are committed to:

  • supporting our school community through school activities, PTO service, and mentoring elementary school students
  • helping in our local community through volunteerism and community service
  • spreading global awareness through education and school building

Botswana-zambia-zimbabwe0The Ambassadors have started the school year off with a flurry of projects and activities including marketing, fundraising, service projects with PTO and MPC, community outreach, global project voting and goal setting, and developing an itinerary for our service learning trip in March.

Our journey will begin in Botswana where Cassidy Chang and Isabel Tippins, two students from Westwood International School in Gaborone, have made it their CAS project to help us raise funds for our mosquito net installation. They are researching the insecticide nets and determining WW LOGO-hdr-transcosts and suppliers.  Our hope is to install 100 nets in the village of Pandamatenga during our stay, so villagers have protection from mosquitos and other bugs before the worst Malaria months of April and May. All the Ambassadors are hoping they get to meet these motivated students during our journey!

logoThe Exec team met with representatives from FCD to ask questions and seek advice on how best to educate the youth in the village during our Alcohol Awareness Campaign, which we are partnering with Project Humanity on. The  representatives offered great insight and suggestions ranging from the right vocabulary, to the focus on fun, and the importance of setting up support groups among the children. phThey also suggested finding a core group of adults that the children can go to if in trouble.  The Exec team will take this information back to the whole group for use in planning.

Zimbabwe With Gathered July 24, 2015 (30)In Zimbabwe, we will visit the Baobab School and present a gift in memory of our dear friend and teacher Mr. Gathered who has welcomed the Ambassadors over the years and was tragically killed when walking home from school.  The Ambassadors have committed to paying for his daughter’s education for the next year so that she can continue her studies and keep her father’s dream alive. Special thanks to Ms. Lewis and Mr. and Mrs. Schnell who contributed generously to this goal.

Our new global project focuses on expanding our outreach to include Kamatanda, craigZambia and we have been actively fundraising for this impoverished community.  In additional to raising funds to add a 2 classroom school block, we are trying to implement a food program so that the children who attend can receive one meal a day.  Our hope is to provide food for a year while starting a maize crop so that the corn will provide food for future porridge. As Mr. Craig Nemitz stated when he met with the Exec team from Global FoodBanking Network, “Hungry children can’t learn…You can build schools all over the world, but if the kids come through the doors hungry, they will never learn.”

Carolyn PRE SCHOOLWe are also striving to provide teacher training to the 5 passionate orphans who volunteer their time to educate the children of this community. Each have committed to remain at this school for a minimum of 2 years after their training is completed so the $1000 investment per teacher ensures sustainability for our new school.

The YCTC training center has generously agreed to build this school block for the cost of the materials only, without receiving a penny for labor, as a way to help their own community and give their own students a real service learning experience.  The Global Dream Exchange has committed $5000 in order to name the front office and we are looking for two individuals/organizations to sponsor a classroom for $7500 with their own naming rights.

Our new school is a community school, so children will attend for free.  If we raise the funds by our target date of December break, YCTC ensures us the building will be ready for dedication during our service learning trip in March.  Please join us and make this dream a reality for the children of Kamatanda and the 6 surrounding villages who have no hope without education.

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