What is blogging all about?

A blog is a type of website or part of a website that has regular entries of commentary and descriptions of events. Class blogs are a window into the classroom and show the process of student learning through pictures, videos, and text. Their interactive format allows parents, teachers, and other visitors to leave comments and engage in two-way dialogue between school and home.

At AAS, our blogs are open to the AAS community and beyond. Since the blogs are not be password-protected, AAS does not post any personal information about our students.

What does AAS hope to accomplish with blogs?

The goals of individual, grade team and department level blogs are to:

  • Establish productive school to home communication
  • Share information with families that will help their children develop as learners
  • Help parents understand and take an active role in their child’s education
  • Help teachers collaborate and share ideas at the grade, department, and division level

What kind of information could be shared in a blog?

  • Reports on what was taught this week, how it was taught, and why
  • Photos and videos of class activities
  • Background information on topics being taught in class so that parents and students understand it better
  • Descriptions of projects, including instructions, expectations, suggested parent involvement, assessment rubrics, and links to online resources
  • Requests for parent involvement
  • Upcoming events
  • Goals for the year
  • Examples of student work

What kind of information will not be shared in a blog?

    • Personal information about students (ex. class lists or student work with student’s first and last name)
    • Feedback about specific children’s learning progress
    • Copyrighted materials and photos
    • Ads for commercial products or services, even those related to education
    • Any information that jeopardizes student safety in any way


Questions or Concerns regarding Communication via Blogs.

Contact Vitali Verkhovski,
AAS Director of Communications and Development