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Happenings in KWL

We loved going to the forest today. What lovely colours we saw and we brought back many leaves and branches to make a creation in class.

Our math’s unit this week was focusing on counting objects with numbers and we played the game counters in a cup. How many red or yellow did you have? We were introduce to tallying.

What’s your strategy?

In writing, we talked about the beginning, middle and end of stories. How can we start our books? How can we finish a story? The children continue to add more detail to their writing and learnt “ You are not done, you have only just begun.”

Schedule October 5-9

Monday- Photo day. Please remind your child to dress in formal uniform.

Tuesday- PE

Wednesday- PE

Thursday- No school

Friday – No school

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Dear Parents,

Olga and I look forward to meeting our students and parents this year and having a fantastic year of learning!


Please check back at the class blog for updates


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We hope you enjoyed your summer holiday.

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Happenings in KWL

Schedule for: March 2-6

Monday- Day 2- Music

Tuesday- Day 3-Music and WL

Wednesday – PE and WL

Thursday – Swimming and WL

Friday – Library and Art

Some pictures to share from our week:

What am I doing here? 



Happenings in KWL

Schedule for the week: February 10-14

Monday:  Day 4 – PE and World Language

Tuesday: Day 5 – Swimming and World Language   *** 100 day***

Wednesday: Day 6 – Library and Art

Thursday: Day 1 – PE and World Language

Friday: Day 2 – Music   *** Valentines Day***

Happenings in KWL

Schedule for the week: January 20 – January 24

Monday :Day 1-PE and World Language

Tuesday: Day 2 – Music

Wednesday: Day 3 -Music and World Language

Thursday: Day 4 – PE and World Language

Friday: Day 5 – Swimming and World Language


This week in KWL:

We began looking at different Authors. We looked through different books and different authors such as Eric Carle, Robert Munsch,Julia Donaldson, Leo Lionni.  What noticings do you have? Do any books have the same ideas? theme?


We learned how to form the letters correctly using the alphabet charts. We closed our eyes and looked for a letter and wrote this on our whiteboards.

We also did an experiment with beans and water, pom-poms and water. What happened to the beans?

and we had an Assembly to discuss some our investigations


What’s coming up for for January 13th-17th

Schedule: January 13 – January 17

Monday – Day 2 – Music

Tuesday – Day 3 – Music and World Language

Wednesday – Day 4 – PE and World Language

Thursday – Day 5 – Swimming and World Language

Friday – Day 6 – Library and Art

This week in KWL:

We cooked chocolate truffles

We exchanged books with friends

And we had fun making Christmas decorations

         Happy Holidays Everyone!



Schedule: December 16-19

Monday– Day 4- PE and WL ( the children may dress in pajamas or ugly sweaters)

Tuesday – Day 5- Swimming and WL

Wednesday-Day 6-Library and Art

Thursday -PE and WL and Kindergarten party ( afternoon at 2.30)

Friday: NO SCHOOL December 19- January 13

Reminders: The children need help to tie up their laces and put skates on during ice skating lessons. here is the sign up link    **PE ICE SKATING HELP Sign Up

This week in KWL:

We went to explore and investigate at experimentum.

What do you notice? What can you touch,hear and feel?

      We had a wonderful time exploring!


This week in KWL



The children brought in their special toy and shared their learning with them. We started the day by working with rug partners and sharing writing. What can we add? What does your partner need? Can you and your stuffy give feedback to your partner?


How many cubes long is your foot? The children worked with a partner to draw round their foot and count how many cubes long it is? Whose foot was longer? shorter? We continue to work on measuring activities and comparing shapes this week.

Schedule: December 9-13

Monday 9: Day 5-Swimming, WL and Field trip

Tuesday 10: Day 6- Library and PE ( Book fair)

Wednesday 11: Day- 1 PE and WL

Thursday 12: Day 2- Music

Friday 13: Day 3- Music concert


Monday 9– field trip. Please help your child pack a home lunch with their water bottle and snack.

Tuesday 10– Book fair- Please bring back the baggies with money it it, if your child would like to buy a book.

Friday 13- Music concert at 9am in the Bolshoi. The children wear formal uniform.

Taganka Gift Giving:  Please send in your filled bag to school by December 17.

Paper and/or Toilet Rolls: If you have any spent toilet paper and/or paper towel rolls would you please save them and send them to school? We will use them for holiday crafts

Ice skating help– Skate try on will be next week during PE lessons. ( Tuesday and Thursday)The children need to bring in their skates.

Please use this link to sign up to help with ice skating in January.

Ice Skate Parent Help Sign up: https://forms.gle/dZD6tuyHW7GRDM3t6








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