Conferences on Friday!

Dear Parents,

This Friday, September 20th, will not be a regular school day.  The entire elementary school has their first conference of the school year scheduled for that day.  Please come to the classroom, with your child, only during your scheduled conference time.  Students are to wear their formal uniform during the conference.  Be sure to visit the other specialist teachers (Art, Music, PE, World Language) before or after you and your child’s conference with me.  I look forward to seeing everyone on Friday and your child is excited to share their goals with you!

Swimming and School Photos


2TE’s first official swimming class is this Friday, Sept 13th.  Please make sure that your child has all of their swimming materials ready for the first day of swimming:

  • swim suit
  • sandals to wear from the locker room to the pool deck
  • swim cap
  • goggles
  • towels
  • bag to carry swim things in

If you are able to help with supervision in the locker rooms before and after our class’s swimming lesson (10:30am-11:30am), please send me an email.  I am still looking for 1 more parent volunteer.

School Picture Day

Yearbook photo day for our class will be next Tuesday, Sept. 17th.  Each student must wear their formal school uniform to school that day:

Formal Uniform (Girls/Boys)

  • Oxford buttoned-down long sleeved collared shirt (White)
  • slacks/trousers/skirt (Navy Blue)
  • tie (available for purchase at PTO store)
  • black shoes
  • black belt

For the Formal Uniform, girls also have the option to wear the navy pinafore with the long sleeved oxford and tie underneath.

For reference, please take a look at the photos of what the girls’ formal uniform and the boys’ formal uniform looks like on the school uniform page on the AAS website.

Homework Starts Today!

Dear Parents,

Weekly homework starts today.  Please be sure that your child has logged in to Google Classroom (if they have not, follow the instructions in the previous post).  To find the homework directions each week, each student will need to click on the “Classwork” tab in order to see the homework directions.  They will then need to click on the correct week’s homework title (example: 2TE Homework – Sept. 2-6, 2019) to open the directions, which will then open in Google Slides.  Please know that all of the homework activities that your child must complete are activities that they can complete on their own (unless the directions state to work with a family member).

If you or your child has any questions about logging in to Google Classroom, finding the homework directions, or the homework activities, please send me an email.

Preparing for Homework to Start – Google Classroom

Dear Parents,

Our class homework will start next Monday (September 2, 2019).  We will use a combination of electronic format and written format.  Please read on below about each format.

Electronic Format – Google Classroom

In order to reduce the amount of paper being used, and to prevent homework instructions getting lost between school and home, I will post the homework directions (as Google Slides) on Google Classroom.  Google Classroom is a wonderful app and website that the school uses for class assignments.  In order to be able to see the weekly homework activities and instructions on Google Classroom, students will need access to a laptop/desktop computer or iPad/tablet (not a Kindle), and the internet.  

Before Monday, please complete both of the following:

  1. Decide/discuss with your child what they will be using to access the homework directions.

To access Google Classroom on a laptop or desktop computer, students will open the internet browser and type in the following website:

To access Google Classroom on an iPad or tablet (not a Kindle), the Google Classroom and Google Slides apps will need to be downloaded.

  1. Have your child log in to Google Classroom, using their AAS Google login and password (not a parent’s Gmail account), which is on a sticker on the front of their Take Home folder.  Your child must type in their entire AAS email address (in green, with their student number and  When typing in their password (in purple), please remind your child that the first letter needs to be a capital (uppercase) letter.  When your child has logged in to Google Classroom, they should then open our class (2TE 2019-2020) in order to be ready to see their homework directions.

When students go in to Google Classroom at the beginning of each week, they will need to click on the “Classwork” tab in order to see the homework directions.  They will then need to click on the correct week’s homework title (example: 2TE Homework – Aug. 26-20, 2019) to open the directions, which will then open in Google Slides.

*If any student has trouble logging in to Google Classroom please send me an email.*

Written Format – Homework Notebook

Students will be given a homework notebook to bring home.  They are to complete their homework activities in this notebook, after reading the directions for each activity on Google Classroom.  This homework notebook will stay at home until the last day of the school week (usually a Friday but occasionally a Wednesday or Thursday), giving the students time to complete homework each night.  Students are to bring their homework notebook back to school the last school day of each week (usually a Friday but occasionally a Wednesday or Thursday on shortened weeks).

I will be looking for the following things in each student’s homework notebook when I check the week’s homework:

  • each new page (or part of page) labeled with the date (month, day, year)
  • each homework activity labeled with the subject or activity title (for example: Math, spelling, grows and glows)
  • neat, legible handwriting used
  • work written between 2 lines (1 white space), not 3 lines (2 white spaces) as students used in previous grade levels – we are working on writing smaller letter and staying in the lines
  • entire page filled with work before starting a new page
  • both front and back sides of a page are used, not just the front
  • students being mindful of how much page space they use to complete a homework activity

Welcome to the 2019-2020 School Year!

Dear Parents and Students,

Welcome to the 2019-2020 school year!   Thank you to those parents who came to today’s Open House.  If you were unable to make it, please take a look at the 2TE Open House presentation as there is lots of important information in there.  

One very important bit of information: there is a student in our class who has a severe allergy to nuts.  Please do not send any nuts or nut products (nut butters, nuts mixed in cakes, etc) as part of your child’s daily snack.

Parents, be sure to subscribe to both our class blog and the Grade 2 blog.

I am excited to start our new school year tomorrow!


Ms. Tabor

Parents of 2018-2019 2TE Students

Dear Parents of 2017-18 2TE Students,

If you are subscribed to our 2TE class blog, you will have received this post as a message in an email. You may now be considering whether or not you want to continue to receive emails from the 2TE class blog each time I post something new on our blog. If you have decided you don’t (and there may be some very good reasons for this – like you no longer have a grade 2 child), then simply scroll down to the bottom of this email and click on the link to “Unsubscribe.”

It looks something like this:

Unsubscribe to no longer receive posts from 2TE.

Change your email settings at Manage Subscriptions.

Best wishes for the new school year,

Ms. Tabor

A message about summer book loans

Dear Parents of Grades PK-Grade 3,

Your child is not old enough to take books out for the summer, so we wanted to let you know your options for summer reading. As a patron of the AAS Library, you and your spouse can take out 20 books each for the summer. Summer checkout will begin on Saturday, June 8 for patrons and families who have no overdue books. We will checkout summer books until Thursday, June 20 when campus closes for the summer.

If you prefer digital resources, here are some resources that can keep you connected to our library throughout the summer.

The AAS Library has access to:

Tumblebooks, where books are read aloud, and where you can find games and all sorts of fun activities.

Storyline Online, where famous actors read aloud their favorite stories. The animation that accompanies it is wonderful.

PebbleGo, where students can practice their reading and find informational texts at their levels.

The username for these three sites is aasmoscow, the password is penguins.

Some parents have also enjoyed audiobooks with their children. See our Overdrive if you want to enjoy some favorites with your child. Email or come and see us if you would like to set up a personal Overdrive account with us.

Students grades 3 and above have Overdrive accounts already, with the username their ST-012345 number and the password penguins.

We hope you have a beautiful, sunny summer with your child, and enjoy any reading you can do! Please see our State of the Library annual report to see the most popular books for both you and your children, and get some recommendations on what they might choose to read this summer.

All the best,
The AAS Library

Position vacant!

2TE needs a room parent!

This is the perfect job for anyone looking for employment with no pay, flexible hours, minimal effort required and who enjoys high fives and cheers from 18 7/8 year olds and 1 teacher.

I believe the only remaining responsibility for this highly prized position is to co-ordinate the End of Year party. How great is that?!

Please apply/let me know if you are interested in this coveted position and  helping us finish the year with a fun celebration.