Week 2 meeting times *new*

New meeting times for the kids next week: The 2EH Distance Learning schedule wil rotate so that each group moves to the next time slot. Same group, new time!

New times:
8:45 – Ivan Emilia Alex Isabelle Sean
9:05 – Kate, Prokhor, Sofia, Memo, Jio
9:25 – Hanzou, Adam, Mariam, Aryana, Johanna, Daniel.

Holly Edmonds



Logging in to IXL and Epic for 2EH

Instructions for IXl and the Epic app went up on Google Classroom today. Please note they have their password for IXL on both their take home folder AND the distance learning packet that went home. Your child should be able to follow the directions to log in but in case they need any support here is their instructions:


Please click on AAS Moscow IXL to access IXL. (Important they log in here not ixl.com)

You have your IXL password on your take home folder and distance learning folder.
1. Enter YOUR student number with no dash. Example: st000000
2. Then enter your LOWERCASE password.
It’s that easy! Make sure you click on the link below as that is the sign in for us at AAS.


I would like you all to join EPIC today after you have finished your work. I have entered our class in there. Epic is an app full of books online. You have the app on your Ipad. IF IT IS NOT THERE go to SELF SERVICE app and find Epic and install it.

Our Class code is


Please go the the ES TECH SUPPORT Page and find the video by Miss Hart on how to log into Epic. She has made it super easy.

I appreciate all your support. and I know this isnt easy. I am here to help with whatever I can, please let me know if you need help!

Holly Edmonds

2EH Specialist teacher emails

If you have a problem or need to contact your child’s specialist teachers please find our list below. If you need to contact your child’s world language teachers please refer to the faculty contacts through the Parent Portal or try typing their firstname.lastname@aas.ru

PE  jenny.collins@aas.ru

Music   adam.wolf@aas.ru

Art   helen.arnold@aas.ru

For technical support and assistance: distance.learning@aas.ru

As a reminder my email is: holly.edmonds@aas.ru

Distance Learning with Google Meet


These are the Google Meets links for meeting with teachers. Your children have these links on their daily slides, and they are also in a google classroom document. If your child is due to meet with me they would click on my link. Please see the infographic developed by AAS to explain Google Meets’ use for online learning and general etiquette when using Meet.

Ms Edmonds – MEET: https://meet.google.com/kdr-bbwa-vnh

Ms A – MEET: https://meet.google.com/vyf-omvv-fai
Dr Holly – MEET: https://meet.google.com/nvm-oarr-xrh
Mr K – MEET: https://meet.google.com/xfv-egpw-qfi

If you havent already, please also have a look through the video presentation from ES administration regarding online learning.

I am looking forward to seeing the kids’ faces on Monday. 

Save the Date – Expo!

Our Expo will be on Friday March 13th from 9:00am to 10:00am.

Expo is a chance for the children to share their learning with you. This year we will be showcasing our Unit of Inquiry – How the World Works.

The children will send an invitation after the break, but please keep the date in mind.

Ice Skating Check for 2EH this Thursday

Please note –  2EH will be ice skating on DAY 2 ONLY. 

This Thursday (Day 2a, December 12), your child should bring in their ice skates and coats with a hood to PE.  Students will put on their ice skates (by themselves) and the PE teachers will double-check the fit and blade sharpness of the skates, and assign a helmet for each student (coats with a hood work best under the helmet, thus the request for no hats this year by the PE teachers).

2EH Ice Skating Schedule (Day 2) at 10:30-11:25

  • January 13, 21, 29
  • February 6, 14

Ice Skate Parent Help Sign up (you can also use this QR code): https://forms.gle/dZD6tuyHW7GRDM3t6



This week in 2EH (Week 15)

There is just short of 3 weeks left of school before the winter break. Just a few things coming up this week:

Library on Thursday 

Swimming on Friday

Permission slip for our trip to the Chocolate Factory: Please return the signed slip by Friday of this week.

PTO New Book Fair: Next Tuesday (Dec. 10th) afternoon, our class will be going to the PTO book fair. Students will have an opportunity to buy new books at the book fair.  Your child is bringing home a plastic Ziploc bag; this bag is for the money your child will bring to school to purchase books with.  The money you send to school with your child should be in small denominations (100 rubles, 500 rubles, 100 rubles) to make it easier for the PTO volunteer parents.  Please make sure your child brings their money in their bag, with their name written on their bag (please do not send in loose money so that it does not get lost).

Have a great week!