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Friday, August 22

Our First Week!

We have enjoyed getting to know each other this first week. We have been busy learning new routines for the classroom, library, pool, and cafeteria. Have your children come home tired? Their teachers did!

Your children played an important role in the Opening Ceremony on Tuesday as each first grader marched in with a high school flag bearer carrying a country name. Ask your child about it.

Swimming Begins!

All first graders have had a walk-though the pool and locker rooms and are ready to begin swimming next week. Each child should bring their swim bag with labeled, swimsuit (girls should have a one-piece suit), goggles, towel, pool shoes, and swim cap. Please let your teacher know if you are able to assist with changing in and out of swim suits.

Swimming days -

1DC Carrie Drew’s Class  - Tuesdays

1FJ Jayne Franklin’s Class – Wednesdays

1HM Monique Horvath’s Class – Wednesdays

1MA Alyssa McKillip’s Class – Wednesdays

1WL Lara Wolf’s Class – Thursdays

“All About Me” introductions in a bag

Thanks to those who have already brought in and introduced themselves with their “Me in a Bag” project. If you haven’t yet, please remind your child to collect 4 or 5 favorite items for his bag. We will continue to share these as they are brought in to school in the next few weeks.

Lunch Choices

Apologies! Information was sent out to parents about first grade lunches that was incorrect. You will NOT need to make your child’s lunch choices online.

In first grade children take responsibility for making their lunch choices each day. This has worked smoothly so far this first week. Menus are posted on the school website and you are encouraged to look at them with your child. If you are concerned about their lunch choice, please let your child know which option you would like them to have each day.

Important Dates

Saturday, August 23
Library Open 10:00-13:00
Family Splash (pool is open to all AAS families) 13:00-17:00

Saturday, September 6
FUN RUN, Wellness and PTO Welcome BBQ  11:30-15:30

Monday, September 8
After School Activities begin – check the Elementary Express for sign-up information

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Friday, June 13


Friday, June 13

The first graders had a great day out on the field today! We were very lucky with the weather. Thank you to the PE teachers who organized the day and all the specialist teachers who helped run the games.

One Week to Go!

If your child will not be in school each day through the 19th at 12:00, please let the classroom teacher know.

Reports will be available online on Friday, June 20th

This Week:

Wed June18 – class parties begin at 2:30

Thu June 19 – closing ceremony 11:00 (Parents welcome!)    Dismissal at 12:00



Friday, June 6, 2014

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Sharing the Planet

Would you like to hold a cockroach?

Many of the first graders eagerly held out a hand for their chance to hold and touch cockroaches and stick insects this week in their trip to the Darwin Museum (1LK goes on Wed June 11). Students are making connections about life and our responsibilities as part of our Sharing the Planet unit.  Please ask your child about it.

Dates for your calendar:

Next Week: All library books should be returned

Friday, June 6 – Last day of After School Activities

Darwin Museum Field Trip date -   Wed June 11 – 1LK

Friday, June 13 – Elementary Field Day – Students should be prepared to be outside and active for a few hours -  light, cool clothes, shoes for running, hat, labeled water bottle, sunscreen – applied at home




Friday News – 30th May 2014

Unit of Inquiry: Sharing the Planet

Exploring how our actions affect animals continues. The children were introduced to animals in kindergarten and they are now going further in their investigations. To begin their investigations first grade invited science teachers from high school and middle school to visit and discuss living and non-living things and to come up with a list of criteria to help sort the living from the non-living. There was confusion over things such as the sun, the planet Earth, a table, teeth (all non-living) and seeds, a potato, and a tomato (all living). Now that children have criteria for living things they are able to identify the living things in the world and think about how their actions affect the living things around them.

1LK Criteria for Living Things

1. Living things are able to move

2. Living things need energy

3. Living things are able to reproduce

Language Arts

First grade has been researching animals and insects and writing non-fiction books about them. The children first read books about their animal and then made notes before starting to write. Note taking is a lifelong skill useful throughout school and university and used in many careers as well as being something everyone does in some way or another. When we take down telephone messages we write in note form and when we text we often use an abbreviated form similar to notes. Once the children have all their notes they will then organize their notes and rewrite the notes into full sentences in their own words.

Sight Words for next week: June 2

swimming     running     playing     writing     reading     listening


The children have been working with clocks to learn to tell the time to the hour and half hour. Some are also comfortable with quarter past or quarter to the hour. Learning to tell the time with an analogue clock face can take a while. Just think of how many ways people refer to time and you have an idea of how confusing it can be for children to figure out the system.

If your child can look at a clock and tell when it is three o’clock and even half past three (they may say three thirty) they are on their way.

News and Reminders:

Field trip notes for the Darwin museum need to be returned.

If your child will not be coming back to AAS for grade 2, please alert the office immediately.

If your child will be leaving school for holidays before our last day, Thursday, June 19 please let your classroom teacher know.


Important Dates:

Saturday, May 31  Libraries open 10:00-13:00   Family Splash 13:00-17:00

Sunday, June 1st  – International Day

Friday, June 6 – Last day of After School Activities

Darwin Museum Field Trip dates:

Wed June 4 – 1WL and 1DC     Fri June 6 – 1HM and 1MA      Wed June 11 – 1LK

Friday, June 13 – Elementary Field Day







Friday 23 May, 2014

Sharing the Planet:

Central idea: Our actions affect the living things in the world

First grade classes are continuing to look at the characteristics of living and non-living things. We are reading non-fiction texts about living things and beginning to think about a creature we would like to investigate more closely. Next week we will discuss the connections between living things when we learn a game about food chains.Some of the classes will be looking more closely at the living things in our area as they explore the woods in the coming weeks.

Look for permission slips coming home next week for our June field trip to explore the insects at the Darwin Museum.

Word study for next week:

We will continue looking at past tense, but next week it will be with irregular verbs. Can your child use these words correctly in sentences?

swim \ swam     bring / brought      buy / bought      take / took      eat / ate     grow / grew


We will look at multiplication as repeated addition. Through our drawings we will demonstrate that  3 X 2 is the same as 3 groups of 2 and the same as  2 + 2 + 2

We will also begin to look at division as the inverse of multiplication by dividing groups of objects in our drawings or with manipulatives.

Darwin Museum Field Trip Dates: Permission slip coming home next week

1WL and 1DC Wed 4 June

1HM and 1MA Fri 6 June

1LK Wed 11 June